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Why Navishaa?

Global Exposure

Navishaa works with scores of Indian and International clients, especially the Middle Eastern clients. So, when you join us, you will get an opportunity to work directly with international clients that would add a new shine to your resume. This valuable international exposure would also help you to move along your career path a bit faster. We think this is a strong reason to consider Navishaa when you are seeking domestic and international call center jobs in Nagpur or you want to work with an excellent digital marketing company.


We are proud to say that at Navishaa, people of all genders, caste, creed, color, race and religious background are treated equally. Our happiness in diversity policy ensures that you are treated with the due respect every employee deserves and we don’t allow any sort of discrimination. Whether it’s about hiring a new employee or offering a promotion to an existing one, we don’t discriminate, ever! You as a person and an employee matter to us. That’s another good reason to work for Navishaa when you are seeking international BPO jobs in Nagpur, isn’t it?

Thought Leadership

Constantly evolving our knowledge and sharing the key business ideas with our clients and internal employees is what makes Navishaa’s thought leadership different. We help in making client management, data processing, and other call center solutions easier for everyone by conducting content-filled, innovative and useful webinars on different topics. We also do the same for digital marketing problems and solutions. Once you trust the valuable ideas shared by our reputed leadership team, you will attain any kind of growth you are aiming for, be it personal growth, professional growth or business growth.

Our leaders also believe in honing their own skills so that they are able to share the best knowledge with you. For that, they constantly attend or serve as a speaker at various national/international events and conferences. They also keep on top of all the trends in call center solutions and digital marketing sectors so that the clients can benefit from the knowledge and gain a competitive edge.

Matchless Benefits

Great Work Life Balance

When you are looking for BPO vacancies in Nagpur, you should realize that there are only a few BPOs that offer great work-life balance. Navishaa is one of them. Working for us is hugely beneficial for married couples as we have day-shift options. No need to upset your spouse with night shift work!! We are also a great place to work for as we understand that your personal life is also important and we let you enjoy liberties that help you ensure that the work doesn’t interfere too much with your personal life. This means no unnecessary meetings or conference calls when you are not at work. There are only a few BPO companies in India with day shift option and we are proud to be one of them.

Opportunities to Learn

As a provider of leading Outbound Call Centre services, we at Navishaa know the value of personal & professional development of employees. We help each and every one of our employees who have been with us for a specific time period to enhance their skills by allowing them to opt for further education. What’s more is that we help them crack the entrance examination and arrange for the finances as well. We are associated with several educational institutes that help our employees learn and boost their personal as well as professional development.

Seasoned Professionals

Our competency based interview process has played a key role in making Navishaa a renowned one among BPO service providers in Nagpur. The interview process has a few vital stages and if you clear them with flying colors, we’ll welcome you to our team! Here they are:

Analytical Interview

As we believe in offering extraordinary call center solutions and digital marketing services to our clients, Navishaa analyses the analytical abilities of each candidate. We believe that if a person has a strong analytical thought process, it helps a person to not only do a great job every day, it also helps them to deal with day to day job challenges in a perfect manner. This stage of the interview process helps us to access the candidate on the ability to think out of the box, problem-solving skills, and lateral thinking.

Sales Test

As many of the job roles at our virtual call center require sales of services or products, we conduct a thorough sales test of the professionals to judge their sales skills as well as other skills like convincing power.

Managerial Interview

Whether you want to work in the outbound or inbound call centre services departments at Navishaa, you need to prove that you are a good fit and you can add to our company’s growth and abilities. Therefore, we conduct a managerial interview wherein our managers judge your overall personality and fitment within the organization.

HR Interview

The last leg of the process includes behavior-based interviewing as it helps us to understand you better as a person. We also discuss crucial aspects of your candidature like your salary, leaves, employee benefits, etc. so that you can join us to enhance the quality of our call center solutions.

Career Development & Growth

Training Programmes

At Navishaa, each employee whether he/she is working in the inbound or outbound call centre services division or the digital marketing department is offered various training programmes that boost their skills and enhance their knowledge. Some of the training programmes we organize are Process Training, Technical Training, Soft Skill Training, Cultural Training, External Expert Training and Focused Group Training.

Knowledge Assessment

We are also among the few call center and digital marketing companies in Nagpur that believe in assessing the knowledge and skill development of employees. Knowledge assessment sessions are conducted on a regular basis to have an idea of how much an employee has learned in a specific timeframe. This helps us to not only help deliver relevant training programmes but also assists us to customize our training programmes as per employee needs.

Hiring Graduates

As a leading BPO Nagpur, Navishaa is always looking out for fresh talent and we place a lot of trust in fresh graduates who have a passion to learn new things and the zeal to carve a perfect career for themselves. Here are a few reasons on why fresh graduates should join Navishaa:

Challenging Work

When you seek domestic call center jobs in Nagpur, you hope to work in a role that challenges your skills and abilities and helps you grow as a professional. At Navishaa, you can expect just that. We have target based job roles where the best performers get rewards and recognition while those who don’t perform well get ample opportunities to learn.

Great Compensation

The compensation offered to the seekers of customer service jobs in Nagpur has been falling steadily for the last few years. But at Navishaa, we ensure that each employee gets best in the industry compensation and benefits as it will help them feel more valued. The compensation & benefits also grow when an employee achieves new milestones.

Awesome Atmosphere

At Navishaa, the employees are not expected to stick to call center phone systems at all times. You get the opportunity to take breaks if you have done your work as per schedule. You also get the freedom to choose your own timelines and the managers won’t interfere as long as you are delivering results!

Defined Growth Opportunities

Many companies providing customer care jobs in Nagpur don’t understand the value of ensuring that each employee gets equal and well-defined growth opportunities. But Navishaa is a bit different from the others. You get to have clarity on your career path from day one. This will help you plan your finances and career goals because when you achieve set milestones, it’s almost guaranteed that your career will progress in the right direction.

Collaborating Campus with Career

Navishaa collaborates with scores of educational institutions to connect with brilliant students, offer them internships as well permanent jobs. As our call centre employees are expected to deliver perfect call center solutions, we find and train the best students to deliver excellence. In order to find the real stars among thousands of students, we make use of the following means:

Aptitude Tests

We conduct an online aptitude test for the students who have secured more than 60 percent throughout education. This test evaluates the general comprehension, qualitative, quantitative and analytical abilities of applicants.

Case Studies

Students are offered a chance to prove their problem-solving abilities by offering them a case or practical work situation. The quick mindedness and innovativeness of the candidates are also easily judged during this stage.

HR Interview

Students seeking international and domestic call center jobs in Nagpur need to pass this behavior-based interview to prove their mettle. Their terms of association are also discussed.

Final Interview

The overall fitment of a candidate is judged at this stage. Apart from skills, behavioral abilities, and technical knowledge, the student must prove that he/ she can be a part of the company’s culture.

Culture @ Navishaa

Our Core Values

The core values of Navishaa drive the way we behave with each other and our clients. We live by the following core values:

Work Life Balance

We understand that when a person looks for international BPO jobs in Nagpur, he or she hopes for a good work-life balance. At Navishaa this is possible because we mostly have day-shifts and don’t let work interfere with personal lives of the team members.

Deliver Amazing Work

At Navishaa, each of the employees strives for perfection. The work we deliver is completed in a time-bound manner while complying with topmost quality standards.

Keeping the Ears and Minds Open

No matter whether a staff member expects something from us or a client needs custom solutions or services, we keep our ears and minds open. Our acceptance of changing with time has made us a reputed BPO Nagpur.

Open Communication

All the communication channels are placed in such a manner that every employee or client can get himself/herself heard. Whenever we get viable suggestions for improvement, we follow them rigorously.

Ethical Practices

Each member of Navishaa family follows only ethical methods to deliver satisfactory results. We don’t believe in unethical shortcuts or illegal practices.

Constant Innovation

Employees are given the liberty to innovate on their own and it helps them to think out of the box. As an organization also, we seek ways of improving ourselves constantly because the term perfection changes meaning every day. This resolute commitment to innovation makes us one of the most trusted digital marketing companies in Nagpur.

Fun @ Navishaa

Navishaa is one of the few virtual call centres where employees can actually have a lot of fun. We know that having fun and creating relationships outside work can inspire collaboration in the office. So we try to have fun@ work as often as possible. Some of the ways in which we usually have fun are:


Everything from birthdays to festivals are celebrated together at Navishaa. We believe that togetherness makes us stronger and boosts our bond so we try to celebrate special occasions in a special way. We also celebrate the work achievements of our team members and teams as a whole by hosting lunches and dinners for them.

Annual Picnic

A person looking for customer service jobs in Nagpur should consider joining us because we go out for annual picnics where each and every employee gets an opportunity to connect with his/her peers while having loads of fun.

Other Activities

We also celebrate our togetherness by holding small competitions, games and other fun activities from time to time that helps us to ensure that every employee working for Navishaa feels like a vital part of the organization. You matter and we make you feel that!

Employee Recognition

Mark Twain once said, “I can live on a good compliment for a couple of months”. We totally believe that it’s true. This is the reason why we never hesitate to appreciate great work of our employees and give them the recognition they deserve. As we are among top BPO service providers in Nagpur, our employees achieve new milestones quickly. That’s the reason we appreciate them regularly by using the following methods:

Monetary Rewards

Appreciating employees’ efforts by offering money is an age old method of offering appreciation for good work. We do that too. The smile a few extra rupees can bring on the faces of our employees is priceless for us.

Non-Monetary Rewards

At Navishaa every employee achievement is celebrated with a lot of applause and open recognition. As soon as an employee achieves a new milestone, it is propagated far and wide. The manager/supervisor not only appreciate the employees by sending emails but their achievement is also appreciated openly so that others can get motivated to achieve new milestones as well.

IJP- Our Own Concept

Navishaa provides scores of inbound and outbound call centre services which mean that we need the services of talent employees every day. It also means that we have a lot of internal job postings in which we hunt talent from the in-house team rather than hiring someone from the outside.

IJP is a process in which a job posting is shared with all internal employees and their skills are tested via an exam and an HR interview decides their suitability for the new role. This method has helped us and is constantly helping us find hidden talent while it helps our employees to share their distinguished skills that were hidden till date.

Come Join Navishaa and we assure you, your career will have new wings with us!