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25 Jan

www.navishaa.com is fast growing BPO in Nagpur moved from overseas few years ago. We serve prestigious international clients from our Central Nagpur facility.KPO Services such as GST Style accounting and book keeping for overseas clients in UAE. Telecom Customer Service for Renowned Telecom Operators in the following international best practices of Telecom Clients with best standard operating procedures,Telecom Business Process Outsourcing for B2B services clients. We also have Digital Marketing Services.

Most people who have never been in a call centre or has never worked in a call centre would not know that there are many types of call centre services. Some people probably know inbound and outbound. However, not only those two exists. There are still many types and categories under those two.For starters, inbound call centre is where agents answer calls from customers and potential customers.

Now, there are many reasons why customers would call a company. One reason is that they want to know how to install a product they bought. Other reasons can be because they want to inquire about a certain product or service they want to avail.

We follow Brand Values in line similar to fortune 500 smartest companies in the world, we go in great lengths in defining our Value System thus evolving our overall culture.

• We only make promises that we can keep.
• We are straight forward and easy to understand.
• We are warm brand.
• We are confident of our ability.


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