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18 Sep

Keeping health in mind gets easier as you get fitter

– Few insightful lines By Ms.Monal Shah [Director- Navishaa Outsourcing Services]

Me as self-follower and devotee of our country’s PM vision & thoughts on fitness, would like to bring ahead my school of thought on same grounds where I believe, our focus & constant approach on improving the health of our organization and people in it, engaging our employees in fitness activities has not just built an environment where one is focused and highly energetic at workplace having mind and body work in harmony, but also have a positive multiplier effect, improving oneself in personal Lives and observing employees integrating health and wellbeing into the daily routines of families & communities. The workplace is an untapped forum from which health risk management principles can be extended across a community, and ultimately a nation.

Perspectives of few in Navishaa Team

We as a organization have observed that, the line between work and life blurred, when we indulged ourselves in robust suite of well-being programs aimed at not only protecting our health, but actively boosting performance as well as social and emotional well being.

– Harpreet Kaur [ HR Manager ]

Don’t allow being busy at work to become an excuse for a poor diet & lack of exercise. Although working hard might allow you to earn more, all the money in the world won’t be worth a cent if you don’t have your health to enjoy it.

– Sakshi Shukla [ Sales Officer ]


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