PHP Web developer

Looking for Web developer who can create websites on Core PHP. Should know HTML CSS, JS and jQuery so that full website can be created.

Experience – 2 year minimum


  • Creating and handing over websites to clients
  • Creating websites via php coding
  • Modifying and fixing bugs on WordPress website
  • Collaborate with members of a creative team
  • Should have experience in WordPress.
  • Customizing website themes, plugins for WordPress
  • Able to code and add features in WordPress via PHP coding
  • Creating Website on PHP.


  • Should know basics of CSS , HTML , jQuery, JS & bootstrap.
  • Excellent Logical and analytical skills Required skills
  • Proficiency using WordPress hooking code system
  • Proficient in PHP, MYSQL
  • Experience using debugging tools.
  • Keen attention to detail roles and Responsibilities
  • Should have previous experience as PHP web developer

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