Why Choose Azure Cloud over On-premise Infrastructure

It’s no surprise that the rapid shift from on-premise hardware to cloud computing offered enterprises newfound flexibility and more computing power.

Today’s on-premise setup requires in-house server hardware, software licenses, integration capabilities, and IT employees to support and manage the IT infrastructure of a company. Whereas, cloud computing differs from on-premises in many critical ways. A company hosts everything in an on-prem, while in the cloud, a cloud provider hosts all that for you. This allows companies to pay on an as-needed basis and effectively scale-up or scale-down depending on the usage and other company requirements.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most implemented cloud computing platforms that enable enterprises to build, deploy and manage data & applications over the cloud. Microsoft Azure has the capability to integrate public cloud apps with its infrastructure and helps build applications with any framework, language or tool.

Today, many IT admins are preferring Azure technology compared with on-premise server capabilities as this is one of the most powerful cloud platforms with scalability and computing. Here are some reasons that build Azure one of the simplest tools as a cloud solution.

Why Azure over On-premises?

  • Lessen costs to infrastructure.
  • No hardware to maintain or refresh – ever.
  • Windows server license and Client access licenses included.
  • Built-in / free disaster recovery.
  • Monthly subscription basis and PAYG option.
  • Easily switch to new lower-cost/higher-power compute series.
  • Easily increase or decrease the power of as per business needs.
  • Endless storage with ultra-low cost storage tiers.
  • No power failures or downtime.
  • Virtual server hosting allows you to connect from anywhere.
  • Better SLA for a virtual machine.
  • Easy integration with Microsoft tools.

How does Azure Pricing Work?

Microsoft Azure services offer pay-as-you-go the pricing (PAYG) model. This is basically, you’ll only get charged based on your utilization of cloud space.  The pricing can also differ if a specific application utilizes a range of Azure services where charges will be levied. However, long-term customers get some of the Azure services at a discounted price.

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