Securely run and grow your business with Microsoft 365 Business Secure Deployment

Secure Deployment - M365 with GetMax

A comprehensive workshop to find out just how secure your business is.

Expertise + Proven Tools

Navishaa has extensive experience in providing the security solutions that will safeguard your business data.

Our experience combined with Microsoft 365 Business will help you:

  • Control & manage access to your sensitive business information
  • Protect company data across devices.
  • Guard against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and other cyber threats.
  • As your partner, we will provide the guidance, recommendations and best practices to keep your business data safe with a simple, cost-effective solution.
Threat landscape for small businesses


Microsoft 365 Business security benefits

Safeguard your business against external threats and leaks


Securely run and grow your business with Microsoft 365 Business Secure Deployment

Learn how your business can proactively prevent risk of cyber threats and information loss.

Our comprehensive security assessment includes identifying your security objectives based on your current security state, and implementing a long term plan to secure your business information from threats and leaks.

  • Assess your current security state.
  • Remediate high priority security concerns.
  • Deploy Microsoft 365 Business.
  • Configure advanced security features based on.
  • Identify and protect sensitive data.
  • Provide ongoing services based on an actionable security roadmap.

(5-10 days)

Activity 1: Assess your current security state

Discussion points:

  1. Cloud Security Objectives
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Identity Access & Management
  4. Information Protection
  5. Secure Score
Activity 2: Deploy Microsoft 365 Business
  1. Review remediation results
  2. Plan for the deployment of Microsoft 365 Business
  3. Setup & Configure Microsoft 365 Business
  4. Install and configure Azure Active Directory Connect (AAD Connect)
  5. Enable device management via Azure Active Directory Join or Hybrid Azure Active Directory Join
Activity 3: Enable proactive security in Microsoft 365 Business
  1. Implement Identity and Access Protection
  2. Implement Advanced Threat Protection
  3. Implement Information Protection
Activity 4: Identify and protect sensitive data
  1. Identify types and locations where sensitive data is created, stored, or processed
  2. Develop or update a data classification schema and taxonomy
  3. Plan for the handling of sensitive data
  4. Configure labels and protection policies in Microsoft 365 Business
  5. Configure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies in Microsoft 365 Business
Activity 5: Migrate emails and files
  1. Migrate email to Exchange Online
  2. Migrate files to OneDrive for Business

Next steps: Ongoing services

  • Maximize Secure Score
  • API Integration
  • 24/7 security monitoring and response


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