Streamline Teamwork and Reduce Costs with Microsoft Teams

Streamline Teamwork to Reduce Costs -

Today, small and medium-size businesses that embrace remote work can save on full-time remote employees, while increasing productivity.

Managing the challenges of teamwork in this environment can come with a cost, however. Many small businesses pay for or use multiple collaboration tools from different vendors. Few of these tools are designed to work together, so there’s inherent inefficiency, and most of them require costly IT support.

Microsoft Teams is the fully integrated hub for teamwork in Office 365 that helps employees collaborate more effectively and helps small businesses keep costs under control.

We’ve prepared a special Teamwork Assessment to help you explore how Microsoft Teams can help small- and medium-sized businesses reduce costs. We’ll show you how Teams delivers:

• An integrated hub for teamwork that eliminates the cost of third-party licenses.
• Collaboration tools that work together seamlessly to reduce the need for IT support.
• A single solution for meetings to help engaged employees save time.
• Enterprise-level security, compliance and manageability, to help you reduce IT spending.

Microsoft Teams -

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