Why Today’s Companies are Switching from G-Suite to Office 365

Moving to the cloud can be a big decision for any company. While moving to a cloud-based system like G-Suite and Office 365 has many advantages.

The cloud offers accessibility across multiple devices, better connectivity, collaboration, and increased employee productivity.

Today, looking at the stats, companies from all over the world are rapidly adopting cloud-based software and services for their business, keeping in mind the advancements in technology and large investments by their competitors.

We are seeing this trend where the early adopters of G-suite are moving to the more technology-advanced Microsoft’s Office 365 due to lack of newly introduced features and fewer integration options.

Office 365 and G Suite seem to offer pretty much the same productivity features and collaboration tools—at first glance. But when we look beneath the surface, it’s easier to see the differences:

G-suite vs Office 365 (Navishaa Blog)

Shifting to Office 365 for Office

Office 365 is more suitable for enterprise-level businesses where the employees either work from an office or remotely and running on Windows/Mac. Office365 apps are top-notch especially if you are in a Windows ecosystem.

Not all companies who are switching to Office 365 are using it as a cheap licensing deal for the Office applications. They also value Microsoft’s enterprise know-how.

Office 365 is also the most commonly deployed application among its customers (beating even Salesforce) and the adoption is still growing faster than any other cloud-based applications. It is also a preferred choice for companies that are operating documentation and business communication online.

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